Monday, July 8, 2013

I want to journal!

Let's see, where to start - how to start, it has been so long.  I joined the gym.  Granted, I've only been twice in the last week, but it's a start.  I'm hoping it'll help the aches and pains after the initial aches and pains from all the exercise...seems like something new pops up every week.  I haven't been able to get out and weedeat or take care of the yard very much, and it doesn't look like the surgery will be affordable any time soon.  How can one person blow both rotater cuffs at once?  not sure, but it can be done.

I went to the store today.  It's very different than it was when the Parks family ran the place.  I paused in the parking lot and tried hard to envision Daddy walking to his truck, or imagine Mom was inside waiting for me to help her.  Couldn't do it.  I guess that means I'm finally moving forward.  My God, it took a long time, but things like that do.  It's natural, I hear.

It has rained almost every day this summer - never have seen anything like it.  We're usually in drought this time of the year - in July, you can't buy a rain drop or coax one from the sky.  I remember summers gone by that I would leave the car windows down or hang out laundry in hopes of enticing whatever evil little devil that brings the rain at inopportune times to do his thing.  Sometimes, it worked! Now, we have trees uprooting from the sodden ground seemingly of their own volition.  Crops are drowning, but the grass isn't, and if you wait a week, you can make it through the back yard with a machete or a bush ax.  We can call this one our soggy summer.  I'm waiting to see what the rest of the month and August bring.  And I'm hoping the fall colors will be spectacular.

Well, I journaled.  Like the gym, it's a start.  And now to close this, and try again tomorrow for something that flows more easily.

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