Tuesday, November 7, 2006


i read a few articles the other day when i was researching for a metaphor. yep, you do research metaphors, because you certainly wouldn't want to use one out of context.  nobody would get it.  or they would know you didn't know what you were talking about.

at any rate, i read about geese and learned a few things i didn't know before.  geese aren't silly at all..in fact, they're quite intelligent.  they have practice flights in september, before the real thing in october...the V formation is tactical.  the lead goose breaks through the wind resistance, making flight for the formation easy.  when the lead bird tires, he falls back into formation and another takes its place.  but what really caught my attention was...when one goose falls from the formation because of injury or illness, two others accompany that bird and stay with it until it can fly again, or until it dies.  they don't leave it alone...

sounds like a family, doesn't it?

amazing creatures.